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Welcome to Ha'Haak Water Adventures

Enjoying water sports in Cozumel with Ha’Haak for more than 10 years, has become one of the main attractions in the beautiful “Island of the Swallows”!

Great option if you’re looking for a way to explore the ocean surface while moving nautically. Stand up paddle or Paddleboarding, water biking, snorkeling or whatever you have dreamed to enjoy in the beautiful turquoise water. Real eco-friendly activities. The island is plenty of interesting and beautiful places all around and Ha’Haak Water Adventures takes you to live these incredible experiences over shallow waters where you will admire tropical sea creatures and marine life.

“Ha’Haak” means in Maya slip or slide over the water, where ha means water and haak slip.

Eco friendly Water sports in Cozumel have grown rapidly, as visitors want to discover the beauties of the island while supporting the environment and enjoying it´s beauties. There is always opportunity for snorkeling in all our activities. Join us on our everyday adventure, and contact with nature while enjoying the incredible surroundings.


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Water Bike Rentals & Tours

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Hola amigos!


Gina Canto and Rene Gonzalez owners at Ha’Haak Water Adventures, started this adventure for almost 10 years, by sailing and sculling in the beautiful Cozumel Island’s different locations. Then, they decided to share their passion for water sports with friends and relatives.


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