New Cozumel Jeep and Paddleboard Adventure



Paddleboard ladies Cozumel


$ 320.00 usd

  • Price is for the Jeep.
  • 1-4 passengers.

Private Paddle and Jeep Tour in Cozumel. Enjoy Cozumel by land and sea.

Unique Beach Bum paddleboard and jeep adventure in Cozumel. 1 jeep charter a day. By Gina and Rene

Enjoy this unique experience in Cozumel, where you will get to know the island by sea and by land. Once a day we do this private tour for you. We meet either in the Lobby of your Hotel or at a designated point for you to board your jeep and follow us during a wonderful tour through the streets and roads of Cozumel. Passing through parts of the town of San Miguel, and the roads around the island, to find the best beaches to paddleboard and have fun.
From beginners to professionals, they all can join us and enjoy the charm of the best Cozumel seen before.
Rene and Gina will accompany you throughout the tour. We will communicate by vhf radios on board the vehicles for a better understanding, communication and fun. We have been enjoying the island, its sea and its nature for more than 8 years. Knowing the beaches and the most beautiful corners that the island has to offer. A huge Cozumel map with some insights of the island is available for you at the jeep.
Exclusive and remote beaches. Exuberant nature and wonderful views will be only part of this adventure.
Once gathered, we will have a brief talk about our activities, logistics, beaches to visit, times and details of the day. You will continue driving your jeep with your family and / or friends to make the first stop at the selected beach for the first session of paddleboarding and fun.
We will choose the best beaches according to the weather conditions of the day. Living on an island, we are surrounded by endless possibilities for this. We will tenjoy  paddleboarding at the beautiful beach area where we will surely enjoy virgin beaches, crystal clear water and we will look out into the water from time to time to enjoy it´s beauty and look for the fish and animals that surround us during the adventure in the water. We will be in the water and on the beach for about 1 hour and a half.
Do not forget that if you have never paddleboarded before, we will include the introductory lesson and you can paddleboard while sitting, kneeling and later standing if you wish. Nothing is a must on paddleboarding. Hence its charm and versatility. Everyone can be in the water with a paddleboard.
We will have purified and bottled water as well as canned non-alcoholic beverages throughout the experience. You will take the drinks with you in the jeep to have them available throughout your experience.
We will leave again to explore and enjoy the wild Cozumel, with all its vegetation and vibrant nature, to reach our second paddleboard and beach session.
We will have a second talk to learn a little about the area where we will be doing paddle and snorkeling this time. We will go through the area slowly and calmly, taking breaks and we will do this tour at the visitors pace. We will be in the water for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
At the end of the visits to the beaches we head to the private clubhouse in town San Miguel, where we will have lunch wich includes fresh fruit of the day, sandwiches and snacks. You will enjoy a pool, bath and shower to end the day in the best possible way. Relaxed and remembering the experiences of your day in Cozumel with Hahaak


4.5 hrs. approx.

Min. Participant

1 to 4 People


Monday to Saturday


To be determined

Meeting Location



Owners Rene & Gina come along on this private tour.

Boards are on a separate vehicle, not on jeep.

Reserve Online.

Program your dates and schedule by contacting us.


  • Tour Guide
  • Healthy Box Lunch
  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • Paddle intro lesson

What to bring

  • Water Shoes
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Snorkel Gear


When reserving choose the only available slot for the desired day. It means up to 4 persons can go on the jeep. The price is per Jeep.

New Cozumel Jeep and Paddle Adventure


$ 320.00 usd

  • 1 Jeep holds up to 4 persons.
  • Price is per Jeep
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