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Update June 2021

Hello Everyone. We are so excited that things are slowly comming back to a “new normal”. Some businesses a re-openning, and hiring again. Tourism is comming back in larger numbers, and the economy is re-starting again. Cozumel has been vaccinating people from 40 and older the last 2 months. Gina and myself are fully vaccinated and we are so excited about it. We should still follow safety health measures until we don´t know when because let me tell you something, Quintana Roo state is the only state in Mexico with still growing number of cases, and Cozumel is no exception. The las 2 weeks the island has been affected by an increase of cases of 205% and 304%. Of course most of this cases have been on younger people which are not vaccinated and more important, do not take it seriously.

Also important is the amount of tourism arriving to the island and Cancun, where cases are still going up. We are asking all visitors to follow health measures everywhere on the island where recommended.

Ships start to come back slowly starting next week. So we are sure they are taking a close look on what´s been happening here for the last 2 months.

Please when visiting, follow the health measures to keep Cozumel clear from Covd as soon as possible.

See you in the water!

Rene & Gina

Hahaak Team



Update March 2021. Covid-era

So we are now open daily at our base at Mr. Sanchos in Cozumel from 11am to 3pm. Health Protocols are followed at the beach club. Pandemic in the island has been always pretty much under control by citizens, visitors and authorithies. At this moment we are on Yellow flag and maybe about to turn green. Masks are still mandatory when away from home. Please comply if here.

Us citizens visiting Mexico should present a Negative Covid test before their return in order to board the plane. Covid tests are easy to get, reliable and not expensive. Some travel packages and Hotels offer the covid test.

We are having a great time at the beach with the water bikes, paddleboarding, snorkeling and everything we missed for so long. We hope to see you when you visit Cozumel.

And if you´ve been with us before you must have great pictures and memories of those days with us.

Please whatsapp us any time. from US 011 52 987 1119579 / from Mexico 987 1119579

Please be safe


Rene & Gina


Update Dec 2020 Still Covid-era

We hope that all of you and your loved ones are doing ok. A lot has passed since the last update in August. Seems like 100 years, don´t know why. We had tropical storm Gamma, and hurricanes Delta C3, Zeta C1. The strongest no doubt for all in Cozumel would be Zeta. It´s direction and the islands location from the strom center helped for it´s strong winds and greater gusts. Anyway, fortunately nothing as Wilma back in 2005. Trees, fences, electricity and not much else.

As you all know, Covid hit tourism hard, and cruise ship industry even harder somehow. Cozumel depends mostly on cruise ships so some are still in a deep economic position. Anyway, we´ve handled it on the island knowing that this is temporary, that a vaccine is on the way and things would be different but better.

Living on a beautiful, warm place helps us feel good.

We have been paddleboarding a lot, and we feel that vibe back again in us. No mater what happens the ocean is always waiting for you with it´s warm embrace. We´ve had gorgeus days where we have been able to go paddleboard to the other side of the island. Nothing better.

We are keeping our boards and bikes tidy and clean waiting for all. We are desinfecting gear after each use.

Cozumel has been doing very good in Covid Numbers and we are all proud of it.

Just remember, if in public, wear a mask.

We will be re openning our base at mr. Sanchos in January. See you there.

See you soon.



Update August 2020. Covid-era


Rene and Gina hope that all of you are in good health and taking care of yourself in these strange and difficult times. We continue at orange covid flag. Even so, Cozumel is operating and receiving ferries from the continent and flights from different parts to reactivate its economy. We have already gone out paddleboarding with clients and friends several times. We enjoy the little boat traffic and continue to hear stories of unique animal encounters all over the island.
A few days ago we had the threat of tropical storm “Marco” and we were surprised by the misguided forecast by the “National Hurricane center” because just 1 day before the arrival of the storm it was forecasted directly to us to Cozumel and after a few hours it passed far east of Cozumel. It does not matter, the good thing was that it did not arrive and unfortunately now it is heading to the coasts of Louisiana and behind it comes Hurricane Laura. We wish you the best of luck.
The beaches in the center of the island are still closed, but in the north and south we enjoy paddleboarding without any problem. Let’s choose the best spot depending on the weather. We are waiting for you to enjoy the island in a way that only we can.

See you soon



Update July 2020. Covid-era

Hi all. As of today we are still in the orange flag color, and this means that we cannot go to the water, but we are working very hard with the government at all levels to go ahead.
Hahaak Water adventures is working on it´s state certification of sanitation in tourist facilities to receive visitors in an updated and safe way for all colaborators and visitors. In Mr. sanchos there have been radical changes in issues of protocols in health and hygiene. Certified by the state and WTTC Safe travel. Check video on our facebook fan page.


Gina and I went to the water 2 weeks ago and paddled for around 2 hours, with some wind in the beautiful waters of downtown Cozumel. The experience was incredible after 3 and a half months of not going to the water. Definitely going to the beach every day kept us in extraordinary physical condition. We miss it a lt, because I was very sore in particular and Gina in an extraordinary way did paddleboard and she did not even notice the wind that did not favor our return. At the end a lifeguard approached us to kindly ask us to get out of the water because it was still prohibited to go to the beaches. Without arguing we simply left. We hope that the color of the epidemiological flag will change soon so that we can all return to the sea.

From there we belong, it is clear to us. Please contact us. We miss you as much as we miss the sea. July 3 2020.


Update May 2020. Covid-era
Hello everyone. We are Gina and Rene from Cozumel. For a few weeks we planned to write to all our friends and followers to greet them, hoping that they are well, taking care of themselves and loving each other very much. These are rare and difficult times but we are sure that we will succeed. We are very sad for those families who have lost loved ones. And those of us who stay have to be very careful so that together we can get ahead.

Some local history.

The start of the pandemic in Cozumel is considered as of March 17, 2020, which was the day when the last cruise ship brought visitors to the island. From that date, hotels began to empty, visitors were fewer and fewer and the economy began to fall dramatically. Taxi drivers, tour operators, commission agents, suppliers, waiters, hotel maids, and commerce in general depend directly and indirectly and almost entirely on cruise tourism, hotels and visitors from the mainland.
Then came quarantine, confinement and with extreme hours from 4pm to 5am for 3 weeks between April and May. Currently we continue on quarantine and the “curfew” is from 6pm to 5am.
As of today, May 27, 2020, Cozumel has recorded 41 positive cases of Covid, 9 deceased, 22 recovered and 10 active. It is a disgrace each one of the deceased, but while for some 9 deceased they are few, for others it is alarming that they could lose control of the Covid on the island. As everywhere else, fear and uncertainty prey on the inhabitants of the island. Why would it be different? Right?

The local government has worked very hard to keep contagions under control, looking for ways to re-start the economy and be able to receive visitors as soon as possible, to enjoy all the wonderful things that Cozumel has to offer and at the same time give them the certainty that they will be in a safe environment for them and that of the Cozumeleños.
It is an effort where the visitor is cared for so we can also take care of ourselves.
Hahaak Water Adventures is no exception. We are participating in a “health protection and prevention in certified tourist facilities” offered by the health sector and the state government. Where we will adopt the required and certified measures for the activities we carry out on the island.. May 27 2020

July 3 2020

UPDATE covid19. New service, safety and hygiene standards have been adopted for the care of both visitors and locals. Private tours (only your group or family participates), continuous equipment cleaning, disinfection, handling by the participants and social distancing are just some of the new rules.
*** We are working for the new certification in protection and health prevention in tourist facilities granted by the state government and the health sector. Update July 3 2020

Our improved guidelines.

Activity: Adventure / Nature Operators
Our modified guidelines are:
Recommendations from ASI, Academy of Surf Instructors.

1. LEVEL OF PERSONAL PHYSICAL FITNESS. Observation of own physical condition and of the clients. It may be that most have done little physical activity during confinement. Select a fun, simple and easy process.
2. WARM UP. Establish a warm-up routine.

3. SELECTION OF LOCATION OF ACTIVITY. After the lack of human activity, in certain areas nature has recovered space. Keep in mind that animal nature may not like to see us again. Caution in the water.

4. AUTORESCUES. Not having to have contact with clients. Show them how to get on the board on their own. The option if they do not manage to climb is to swim to the shore or help them if it is an emergency. The use of life jackets is mandatory.

5. PADDLEBOARDS, PADDLES, LIFE JACKETS. The full gear is clean, ready and accessible for customers to follow us into the water. Each taking their board by the bow, from leash to the water. Once in water, flip it with or without help. Follow the leader.

6. SOCIAL DISTANCE IN AND ABOVE WATER. Maintain a healthy distance throughout the experience from greeting to farewell. In the water, giving correct instructions and good English is enough to meet the requirements of healthy distance.

7. CONTACT MONITORING Prepare a list for contact tracking. It is a requirement. Authorization is also requested for your photos and social networks.

8. SENSITIVITY TO THE AREA AND ITS NATURE Share with our clients our passion and love for the nature of the island. Conservation and sustainable activities like ours.

9. RESPECT FOR OTHER USERS IN THE WATER Keeping a healthy distance. We will be attentive to all other activities in the water.

10. SENSITIVITY TO HOW THE PUBLIC SEES OUR ACTIVITY It is important to remember that not everyone is happy with our presence in the water. As we will always be sensitive to the perception that all people have about our activity, it should be seen for what it is, fun, safe, eco friendly, healthy, for everyone and super versatile.

We hope that with these guidelines, the certification and a lot of excitement to return to the sea, we will enjoy and appreciate more what life at sea offers us. Always remembering that we are outdoors, exercising, keeping a healthy distance and enjoying the nature of Cozumel.

What more can we ask for?



We are nature’s lovers and are proud to live in this paradise. We are professionals in tourism with extensive experience in water sports, diving and hospitality.





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