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Sup Lessons

If you are asking yourself if you should get SUP lessons, here's a hint. If you are relatively comfortable in the water and have decent balance and some athletic abilities, then you don't need to take a lesson. Our expert will provide some really helpful tips. With Ha'Haak Paddleboarding Cozumel you can rent paddleboards and paddles and just set off on your own, so that might be a good option.

Lessons at Ha'Haak Paddleboarding Cozumel allow you to learn everything you need, considering all the safety basics.

What will you learn during a lesson?

  • How to use the equipment and being familiar with its handling on and off the water
  • Having the confidence to stay on the surface
  • To maintain the proper posture to stand up on the board
  • Handling and techniques on using the paddle
  • Make turns and control the direction

One lesson is enough for your first experience in the SUP. Then you can learn different techniques.

The SUP is a sport for all ages and different levels, while improving your physical and mental health. Instruction includes the equipment and classes can be individual or group.

At Ha'Haak Paddleboarding Cozumel the cost per lesson is USD $ 35 per person and USD $ 60 per each two persons. Price includes instructions and 1 hour in the water.

It's almost like walking on water!

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