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About Us

Rene Gonzalez and Georgina Canto, owners at Ha'Haak Paddleboarding Cozumel, started this adventure two years ago by sailing and sculling in the beautiful Cozumel Island's different locations. Then, they decided to share their passion for the STAND UP PADDLE or SUP with friends and relatives.

They realize that this incredible activity bewitched them all adding an extra ingredient: Cozumel has many beautiful places to explore with its many ecosystems and four protected natural areas. Ha Haak has obtained all the permissions and licenses to take there their friends. Then, they decided to share this passion with everyone visiting the island and ready to join them!

"We are nature's lovers and are proud to live in this paradise. We are professionals in tourism with extensive experience in water sports, diving and hospitality. While enjoying the island ourselves on board the SUP, we invited our friends to join us. We realized how much they enjoyed it, as well as we do, that's why we decided to open Ha'Haak Paddleboarding Cozumel, to offer everyone (locals and visitors of all ages) the opportunity to meet Cozumel Island in a fun and healthy way. For us, the respect for nature is our priority, so that we are constantly updating our knowledge to give that 'extra bonus' to enjoy the natural sceneries that Cozumel has to offer", said Rene and Gina.

It's almost like walking on water!

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